Honored Guests

Honored Guests


The Chapter had an Honored Guest for several years, but it was not until 1988 that the Honored Guest was given special recognition by having the annual Anniversary Banquet held in his honor. The Honored Guest and his wife were seated at the head table and he was called on to speak. They were both presented with many gifts and the family was recognized in the audience.

The Presidents and Honored Guests from 1988 to the present were:

1988*Francis G. McFarland, PSD*Charles E. Fraim, PCP
1989*Herbert F. Behrens*Stanley F. Miedzienowski, PCP
1990*Ralph J. Close*Francis G. McFarland, PCP, PSD
1991*Joseph C. DuBay*Burton Stromyer, PCP
1992*Matthew W. Bogdan*Richard F. Gordes, PCP
1993*Charles F. Evans, Jr.Rev. Fr. Richard P. Wojciechowski, Chaplain
1994*Jack M. Schultz*Herbert F. Behrens, PCP
1995*Owen M. McGinley*Richard T. Zeller, Sr., PCP
1996*Timothy D. Burke*Ralph J. Close, PCP
1997*William C. Kuchmas III, PSD*Daniel L. Peterson, PCP
1998*Marion F. Fowler*J. Carroll Mueller, PCP
1999*Carroll McComas*Jack Schultz, PCP
2000Edward McGinley*Owen McGinley, PCP
2001*Patrick Ruckle*Matthew Bogdan, PCP
2002Carl Roberts, FDM*Eugene C. Cullum, PCP
2003T. Gregory Crist*Joseph C. DuBay, PCP
2004*William Jerry Davis*Carroll C. McComas, PCP
2005Steven M. Cohen*William Kuchmas, PCP, PSD
2006*Raymond L. Lowman*Rev. Msgr. Chester J. Mieczkowski, Assoc. Chaplain
2007E. Paul Jones, FDM*Pat Ruckle, PCP
2008Jere Danaher*Timothy Burke, PCP
2009Michael J. Sallese*Carl Roberts, PCP, FDM
2010*John PriceAll Past Chapter Presidents
2011Samuel P. OrlandoSteve Cohen, PCP
2012Vince GrausoE. Jere Danaher, Jr., PCP
2013Gary Gray
2014Gregory McClain*Samuel P. Orlando, PCP
2015Michael J. SalleseEdward J. McGinley, PCP
2016Michael "Mike" ForehandT. Gregory Crist, PCP
2017Joseph HermanMichael Sallese, PCP [8736] and Gerald Novak, FDD [2942]
2018Gregory Lynch*John Price, PCP [7025] and Deacon David Ludwikoski, FDD [1960]
2019Jamie GouldinSanto DiFrancesco and Thom Partenope
2022Jim Duryee

Greg McClain, FDD, PCP, PGK, PFN (Cathy) [3413] and Erwin Lacanienta, PCP, PGK, FN [9462]
* = Deceased

On July 1, 1988, the Chapter Officers shed their traditional gold jackets and black trousers for dark blue jackets and gray trousers.

The Chapter still conducts its annual collection for the children at St. Vincent’s Child Care Center, Villa Maria and the Gallagher Center, and conducts a Christmas Party and Spring Picnic for them. The time honored traditions of a Summer First Degree (dropped in 1987 for the first time), members’ crab feast, Memorial Mass, adult Christmas Party, Honored Guests’ Night and Ladies’ Night have all gone well.

The Chapter provides for its 61 member councils the opportunity to meet with the State Officers, State Directors and State Chairmen each month and to keep abreast of the many events taking place in the Maryland Jurisdiction.

Ever since that Wintry Saturday afternoon of January 22, 1910, when the six Grand Knights of the councils in Baltimore met and formed the Chapter of the Grand Knights of Baltimore, the original purpose has been faithfully carried out. That purpose was and still remains to further the interests of all of its member councils and to work for the common good of the Order. That total good that the Chapter has accomplished could never be recorded in the limited space that condenses its history in the past 10 years.

The greater story remains indelibly marked on the minds and hearts of all of those thousands of orphans, abused children and God’s special children who have been the beneficiaries of the Chapter’s charity.