Baltimore Chapter of Grand Knights

Chapter President, 2023 – 2024
August “Buzzy” Stockman, DD, PGK, PFN (Kathy)  [Knights of Fatima Council #10137]

The Baltimore Chapter of Grand Knights was founded in January, 1910. A  historical profile of our Chapter can be found in the drop-down menu.  The Baltimore Chapter meets the second Thursday of each month at one of the affiliated Councils on a rotating basis. The Chapter pgkserves as a forum for the exchange of information between Chapter Officers, Past Grand Knights, current Grand Knights and the State Deputy and Program Officers of the Maryland State Council.  The Chapter also conducts an annual collection for the children at St. Vincent’s Child Care Center, Villa Maria and the Gallagher Center, and conducts a Christmas Party and Spring Picnic for them. The Chapter also has time-honored traditions such as a members’ Shrimp Feast, yearly Memorial Mass, adult Christmas Party, Honored Guests’ Night and a Ladies’ Night.  The current Chapter President is  August “Buzzy” Stockman.     Buzzy  joined the Knights of Columbus on January 12, 2013 .  Buzzy was Grand Knight of the Knights of Fatima Council from 2016-2018.  Served as Faithful Navigator from 2018-201 9. Buzzy was appointed as District Deputy for current State Deputy Christopher Powers for 2022-present.  Buzzy is a member of the Maryland State Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Color Corps.  He was named Knight of the Year for  2020.  Buzzy also served as the State Picnic Chairman for Past State Deputy Dale Trott.